Saturday, December 1, 2007

And so we wait...

The crowds huddle before the high gates. It’s not too cold yet, and they’re willing to stay out there all day; they want to be sure there’s no delay in receiving the news.
“Yes, we know we had promised that a decision would be announced today, but we decided instead to postpone it another week.”
Someone splashes their drink angrily on the ground, a muffled groan rises in another corner, smaller groups quickly huddle to share their analyses of what this could mean.
What do we do now? Can we still put forth our plans for this week, or should we buck the risk and wait as well? Shall we close the schools? Stay out of the city? Delay that bank transfer? Hire the needed staff? Buy our Christmas presents?
It’s just one week, let’s just wait and see. The group disperses grudgingly, contemplating how to sell this decision to the others.
And so we wait.

The scene repeats itself the following week. The crowd is smaller now, and some chat with the security guards to feel out if they know anything. Anxiety is slightly quelled by the reassurance that a decision will certainly be announced today, and separate plans have been made to respond to the finite possibilities. With doors shut tight, the message is relayed through a pitiable clerk.
“Yes, we know we had promised that a decision would be announced today, but we decided instead to postpone it another week.”
But we’ve already closed the schools once, we’ve cancelled our travel plans, we made promises, negotiated deals that allowed for the first delay – what do we do now? The clocks tick louder towards the end of the year and the rest of the world is moving on – why are we standing still?

We have less patience for logical analysis, we have less room for rational thought. This time, we feel hurt and rejected. They have done this to us so many times before. Are our little lives so inconsequential to you that you should disrespect them so? We weren’t fooled into thinking that you actually cared about us, but why do you feel you can insult us like this?
As much as we try, our reactions will be equally irrational. One by one, we will make our plans without you. We will follow others abroad, or shrink into geographic shells, sulking, cutting ourselves off. We will live there like jilted lovers, licking our wounds and healing ourselves by going on with our lives without you.
A country without people, and a people reacting almost childishly to something as grand and visionary as the fate of their country; sunk in their passivity that they are oblivious to their role in affecting a change in path. Perhaps in time they will recognise this and slowly pull themselves into their own country’s canvas. Perhaps in time, those in power will realize that they are standing high on precarious stilts and would be better served to find other ways to build their course to that height. Perhaps in time…

And so we wait…

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