Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Will Not Let You In!

You may blacken my skies, cut off my streets, restrict the air that we breathe
But I will not let you in
You may make it impossible to plan, to look ahead hopefully, to look beyond our mere survival
But I will not let you in
You may continue to bubble underground, but despite you
Our children will be born and will grow in a country that we will continue to love
The flowers will bloom, trees will carry their leaves again, the earth will bear its fruits
And our sea will rock us into our usual therapeutic dance
Despite you, we will cook our traditional meals, celebrate our holidays with family and friends
We will get out of bed every morning, every day, and go about our work, sure as the sun rises and sets.

You will haunt us in our moments of rest or idle thought
You will infest our conversations, our jokes, our songs, our writings
But let me make this perfectly clear – though you may follow me like a shadow, WAR, I WILL NOT LET YOU IN!

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