Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

When I read the fairy tale as a child, I marveled at the inventiveness of the unjustly imprisoned young woman in pulling her loved one up to her tower by throwing down her long, long hair. I also marveled at how strong her hair must have been.

I think of our lovely Rapunzel today as we sit here, hanging by a thread – or a hair – and curious to see if there’s something of her tactic that we can use to pull ourselves up. After all, we seem to be living a fictitious ‘reality’ over and over again, what’s to say we’re not in a position to bring fairytales to life?

The question that poses itself, however, is whether we’d be better off cutting that hair and falling down to some form of solid ground, or somehow sufficiently reinforcing it so that it can carry the weight of our disillusion and confusion. And if you think of it a little longer, you will wonder, like me, where we will find the strength to then climb upwards rather than to continue swaying in midair.

Fairytales were never this complicated… guess we really aren’t living in one after all.

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