Friday, January 11, 2013

Wishing upon a star

It is the 11th of January, a day that one of the more famous (though not necessarily more credible) astrologers noted as the day when the skies open up to all Capricorns and receive their sincerest wishes.  I do not subscribe to such announcements or believe in astrologers… but I have been known to regularly throw coins into fountains, delicately blow out candles, and focus on fallen eyelashes, placing wishes on each action.  So I basically figured “What’s the harm?”

When the day finally arrived, the biggest burden was not in forming a wish, but in the unshakeable realization of the 24-hour finiteness of the day. So do I not get to make wishes for the remaining 354 days of the year? I know what I want, but am I saying it right? Am I asking with sufficient sincerity? Is my desire clear?

And mostly, what is truly pertinent: if the 11th just happens to be the same day when I’m inundated with a few issues that have kept me quite preoccupied and unable to focus on said wishes, do I get a do-over or is this part of the exercise? I mean, if the stars had the day open just for me, then is it not the same stars that made this such a stress-filled day? It just doesn’t strike me as the ‘stars being in my favour’ scenario at all.

I vote for do-over.



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